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"I'd love to combine rowing and nutrition to finally lose the weight, but I don't know how."  

If you've ever said that, this program is for you.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Use the rowing machine to burn fat and build muscle - with workouts that meet you where you are and take your from there
  • Find the exact eating strategies that work best for your unique body - Your Fitness Formula 
  • Manage cravings and emotional eating so you can END YOUR FOOD OBSESSION
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What is the ThROWdown?

The ThROWdown is an online rowing and weight loss course. We created the ThROWdown because we heard from so many of you that you're looking for a way to lose weight using the rowing machine. You know that rowing is great exercise for weight loss, but you don’t know what workouts to do, or how to put that together with mindset and nutrition to actually get the results you want.

We get it because we've lived it! 

Let’s be honest. We all want to eat in a way that doesn’t require us to count every calorie or deny ourselves our favorite foods. We hear, “eat when you’re hungry, stop when you’re satisfied,” but don’t even know where to begin to make that a reality.  

The same thing happens with fitness: We fall into the trap of looking at the latest “get ripped” workout, the one that guarantees you’ll have the same six-pack as the model in the photo “in just 21 days!” You kill yourself in the gym for those 21 days and have little or nothing to show for it.  

Nutrition and exercise are not one-size-fits-all

The problem with both of these approaches is they don’t take into consideration YOUR unique nutrition and fitness. They don’t know which foods leave you feeling fueled and which leave you tired and ravaged by hunger and cravings.  

They don’t know your fitness level, and how much is too much or not enough in a workout.  

And most of all, they don’t offer you any sort of support or accountability with your nutrition and fitness to help you over the humps and keep you moving forward.  

"I'm at 10 lbs. lost as of this morning. You have created hands down the BEST program for weight loss and fitness on the planet!" Dnitra, beta tester

We'll be joined by UCanRow2 master instructor Katie Rosso Recker.  

Katie's a mom of three so she totally gets the challenges of fitting fitness and self-care into our busy lives.  

She also knows the challenges of postpartum weight loss, having gained and lost 75-80 pounds with each pregnancy

She's a certified personal trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine.  

Katie's also working on an ACSM specialty certification so she can bring rowing to cancer survivors. 

What Does the ThROWdown Include?

  • A closed Facebook group where you will have daily interaction with us, and the ongoing support of your community 
  • Live Zoom calls where we can check in, answer your questions, and troubleshoot any issues in real time
  • Private "office hours" quick calls, where you can get help with anything you'd like some extra support with
  • Rowing workouts for each week of the program. Two levels, one for people who are newer to rowing, another for more experienced athletes.
  • Separate groups for newbies and more experienced rowers so that everyone feels supported and motivated, regardless of their fitness level
  • Rowing technique videos and demos of off-erg strength moves
  • Nutrition and mindset habits to practice each week - New skills that will help you break your weight loss roadblocks

What Can I Expect at the End of the Course?

  • To have a set of rowing + strength workouts you can use on your own to keep progressing with your fitness 
  • To know how to fit rowing into your ongoing training and weight loss program  
  • To have a clear handle on which foods make you feel fueled and ready to attack your day 
  • To have a set of strategies for handling overeating that will keep the crazy at bay
  • To know EXACTLY what you need to do lose weight, and get back on track if you fall off your plan

Our Students Love the Course!

#getflywheelfit with the ThROWdown rowing and weight loss program from UCanRow2
  • "This truly is the first time in my 55 years of life that I believe I'll be able to keep the weight off. I expect to be rowing for as long as I can!" - Dnitra  
  • I lost a total of six pounds during the six weeks of this course and know the nutrition and mindset information gleaned during this course were contributing factors.” Anne  
  • "My rowing progress went through the roof! I feel more confident with my rowing skills." - Laura  
  • "The support in the course was amazing! Even when I didn’t ask questions, I was always left with a comment regarding my performance." - Laura  
  • “I liked the accessibility of the coaches and their suggestions and shared knowledge. - Gitte  

Who Is The ThROWdown For? 

  • People who are ready to release their inner athlete and nail their fitness and nutrition goals  
  • People who are tired of going it alone, want structure, accountability and support to meet their fitness and weight loss goals  
  • People who are looking for a rowing-based fitness and weight loss solution  
  • Indoor rowing lovers who are ready to use the machine to meet their weight-loss goals  
  • People who are ready to take control of their fitness and find their perfect Fitness Formula that will get them Stronger – Faster - Leaner  


Who Is It Not For? 

  • People who are training for a competitive rowing or other athletic event  
  • Physique competitors or people looking to reach elite bodyfat levels  
  • People who want a specific meal plan  
  • People who aren’t ready to take a fresh look at their fitness and nutrition and consider what they could do differently 
  • People whose primary goal is not weight loss.


Please note: Registration in this program will be limited


Frequently Asked Questions  


Do I have to have a Facebook account to do this program? Do I have to participate in the group?  

Yes, you do need a Facebook account. The central communication point for the program will be a closed Facebook group. You will not be required to participate in the group, although it would be to your benefit to do so: Without exception, the people who had the most success in the beta program were regularly involved in the Facebook group. 


Can I do the program without a rowing machine? 

Not the entire time. We understand that there will be days when you don’t have access to a machine due to travel or other circumstances. That's totally fine and there will be workarounds for that, but for the most part, we expect you to be able to row.  

Do I have to have a Concept2 rower? 

Nope! The workouts are designed with the Concept2 in mind, but they can all be adjusted for any rower as long as it registers your meters rowed.  


I'm new to rowing. Can I do this program?  

Absolutely! This program has been designed with the novice rower in mind as well as the more experienced. And, to make sure that everyone is comfortable, there will be completely separate, closed Facebook groups for novices and those with more experience. 

What other equipment will I need?  

Initially, you’ll only need your bodyweight and a rowing machine. Depending on your progress you may later want to pick up some additional weights, dumbbells, kettlebells, or the like. Oftentimes you can get them at a reasonable price at a discount store or garage sale.

Is there a special diet to follow? Will I have to follow a meal plan?

No. The ThROWdown's nutritional principles work with any way of eating you choose. That allows it to evolve with you over time. 


Do I have to buy any supplements or other products for the nutrition program? 

Not unless that’s something you already do. You will not be required to purchase any supplements or nutrition products as part of the ThROWdown.  


Do you have to have a specific level of fitness to be able to do this program?  

Nope! We will meet you where you are, just like the rowing machine.  

I'm pregnant. Is the ThROWdown for me? 

Not at this time. Once you are safely postpartum and cleared to exercise, we would love to have you! 

Can I get a refund If I'm not satisfied?  

If, at the end of the program, you feel you haven't gotten the value you were looking for, we will be glad to refund your registration fee. We do ask that you participate fully in the program, however, by checking in to the Facebook group regularly, and doing the assignments we will occasionally give you. Fitness and weight loss are not achieved without effort and participation; we ask that you apply that to the program as well.  


What if I need more support?  

This program does not include 1:1 coaching outside of the brief "office hours" calls. If you have specific training or nutrition questions, we can arrange for a private Skype session at an additional fee, or we have a handful of spots for separate, private monthly coaching. 

Questions? Email Sarah at

Are you ready to #GetFlywheelFit and find your Fitness Formula?