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Go Beyond "Just Row" and Random Workouts With No Real Goal

Workouts to help you progress in 5 key areas of fitness

  • POWER: Get the most from even a short workout by maximizing power application
  • STRENGTH: Adding in strength moves off the rower gives you better results on it, and builds fitness overall
  • ENDURANCE: Build a stronger heart and lungs by challenging aerobic capacity
  • SPEED: Faster times happen with progressive practice rowing hard for short intervals
  • ACCURACY: Practice movement control by working to create repeatable results.

What People Say About UCanRow2

"Big SHOUTOUT to the team at UCanRow2 for their patience, detailed instructions and high standards; great program, great people and they are as passionate (obsessed?) with the zen of rowing as I am."

Dr. David Nickelson
UCanRow2 / Concept2 Certified Indoor Rowing Instructor

"Thank you so much to you and your team for such a memorable experience. The dedication from everyone within your business is second to none."

Dave Wykes
UCanRow2 / Concept2 Certified Instructor

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